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Day: June 15, 2017

What Is The Difference Between Investment Management and Stockbrokers?

The investment services industry can be daunting and ambiguous for individuals who seek a return on their capital. After working hard earning your wealth, it is important to understand the different services offered by professionals and what solutions fit you personally. One of the main questions we get asked here is:

“What is the difference between investment management and stockbrokers?”
Firstly, let’s discuss what stockbrokers are – we all have a much better, clearer, idea of what they do and who they represent. Stockbrokers are regulated firms that offer financial advice to their clients. A stockbroker buys and sells equities and other securities like bonds, CFDs, Futures and Options on behalf of their clients in return for a fee or commission. A brokerage / stockbroker will receive a fee on each transaction, whether the idea is profitable or not.

A brokerage can specialise in any investment niche they wish for example:

  • FTSE All-Share stocks,
  • AIM stocks,
  • European Stocks,
  • Asian Stocks,
  • US Stocks
  • Combinations of the above
  • Straight equities,
  • Straight derivative trading (CFDs, Futures & Options)

The main reason why investors choose como investir no tesouro direto professional investment service is simply down to control. Due to the nature of a brokerage firm, they can only execute a trade after you instruct them to do so. This means it is impossible for a brokerage to keep buying and selling securities without you knowing – known as churning for commission. This doesn’t however prevent stockbrokers providing you with several new ideas a week and switching your positions to a new idea.

However, there are natural flaws with the brokerage industry is that because trading ideas can only be executed after being instructed to list a few flaws;-

you may miss out of good opportunities due to moves in the market,
you may get in a couple of days later because you were busy and not make any money after fees,
you may receive a call to close a position but unable to without your say so.
The above are examples that can happen when investing with brokerage firms, but this is due to the reliance of gaining authorisation from their clients. So if you are ultra busy or travel a lot then you could potentially miss out on opportunities to buy or sell.

What are investment managers?

Now we understand what stockbrokers / brokerage firms are about, let’s discuss what investment management services can do for individuals.

Investment management firms run differently to brokerages. The core aspect to these services is that the professional investment managers use their discretion to make investment decisions. As a client of an investment management firm you will go through a rigorous client on boarding process (just like a brokerage firm) to understand your investment goals, understanding of the services being used, risk profile, angering to the investment mandate and allowing the service to manage your equity portfolio. The sign up with the service may seem long winded but it’s in your best interest to ensure the service is suitable and appropriate for you. In reality, it’s not a long winded process at all. Once you agree to the services offered then you will only be updated on the on-going account data and portfolio reporting in a timely manner. This means no phone calls to disrupt your day-to-day activities and allows the professionals to focus on your portfolio.

Investment management firms usually have specific portfolios with a track record, into which you can invest your capital according to you appetite for risk. These portfolios will focus on specific securities, economies, risk and type of investing (income, capital growth or balanced). All of this would be discussed prior or during the application process.

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Hire the Right Wedding Band

For most weddings the band or other live music will form the centrepiece of the evening’s entertainment. A good band will drive the night forward, making sure all your guests are having a great time and leaving you free to relax and enjoy yourself as well. It is important then to make sure you hire the right act; give it as much time and thought as you would any other aspect of the wedding because it is one of the things your guests will remember most about the whole day.

When starting out on your search it might seem like everyone one in the world is in the wedding band bristol. There are literally thousands of acts and performers out there each peddling their own brand of classic covers and ‘unique’ interpretations. To help narrow your search you should think about what genre of music you want first off – are you after a generic ‘play a bit of everything’ band or something more specific and unusual?

Whilst it is of course your wedding, try not to be too self-indulgent. You will want to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all your guests: even if you think late-nineties rap metal is the best thing since sliced bread, will great-aunt Edith really rock out to a Linkin Park tribute band?


Once you have decided what you want and have looked up a few bands online (or in our directory), you should, if you can, get out and see your first choice band live. There are many acts out there who advertise themselves as a live ‘band’ but are in fact just a singer or two belting them out to an accompanying backing track. Being able to perform live – as opposed to on a recording – is a totally different skill for a band to master and you will want to make sure they actually know what they are doing. If they don’t have many upcoming gigs or are playing too far away for you to see them you should ask them to send you a video of a recent live set or rehearsal. Make sure the sound has not been overdubbed however as you will want to get a true idea of their live abilities.


It is absolutely critical you inform your venue of the music arrangements. You will want to make sure they are licensed to play live music and that their license stretches late enough into the night. You do not want to be told that you can only play live music before 6 pm after you have paid the band their deposit.

You will need to work closely with the venue on the logistics of where the band will be set up (do they need stage?), how and when they will move all their equipment in, what their power requirements are and how to meet any riders they may have. Communication is the key to ensuring there are no nasty surprises on the day.

If possible give the band the contact details of someone at the venue so that they can discuss access arrangements and technical requirements directly. Information can often be misinterpreted or miscommunicated when you have to act as a go-between.


It can be tricky working out when you want the band to start and how long you want them to play for. Most bands will have done plenty of weddings before so you should ask them for their opinion or advice on what they think works best. The band should also be able to tell you what their set times and structure are; normally this will be something like three 45 minute sets or two 60 minute sets with a half hour break in between each.

You will not want to keep your guests waiting around too long after the meal, speeches, cake and coffee are all done for the entertainment to start. An hour at most should be enough for people to relax and chat before they start to get restless. If you have no other entertainment or activities planned you should look to get the band up and playing as soon as possible.

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