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Best weight loss supplements-truth and myth

There are many myths besides to truths related to best weight loss supplements. You people always want a quick fix. You see colors of your life in the colorful bottle of the capsules. But, all those attractive claims are not 100% true. So, we will have a look at some myths about those so called best weight loss supplements. After learning the truth you will see the world with the realistic eye and you will not be expecting magic. Know that the authentic way to lose weight is a natural way. And always try to avoid the weight loss supplements.

MYTH number 1: The African herb hoodia an appetite suppressant

The fact is that it is not proved yet whether hoodia make you save calories or not. Thought, it has been seen that it can makes you skip dessert. The main component present in the hoodia is P57, which can suppress your brain and you will be eating less. It is just an assumption because hoodia is not directly tried on humans yet.

MYTH number 2: I don’t need to do diet or workout because I’m using a weight-loss supplement

Many products are present in the weight loss industry but they don’t tell you that you have to eat out healthy and have to do the exercise. In fact, for a successful weight loss journey, you should also consider the diet plus exercise. You have to replace a high-calorie diet with the low fat and low calories diet. Also, you have to include the activities in your routine that make you active all day long. In this way, you will lose more weight and keep it off longer.

MYTH number 3: Green-tea supplements burn fat

Green tea is good for boosting metabolism and burning fat. But, adding 1 or 2 cups of green tea to your routine will not help you burn fats in an incredible amount. Still, you have to work out hard at the gym and have to eat out clean to burn the fat. Surely, add green tea to your routine. Yet, Try to have at least 4 cups daily to aid in weight loss. The active component caffeine present in the green tea will help you burn calories. Again, think before you use. Consider caffeine only if you are not sensitive to caffeine, because it can disturb your sleep and can be harmful to your heart.

MYTH number 4: Bitter orange is an effective alternative for ephedra:

You think that bitter orange is natural and so it is not harmful, you are wrong once again. You know that Ephedra is banned by FDA because it can cause a harm for your heart and blood pressure but you know what bitter orange is also not so pure. Bitter orange has synephrine, which is also dangerous like Ephedra. Despite this both the bitter orange and ephedra belong to best weight loss supplements. Some experts say that you can neglect the dangers because of benefits but still there is a risk.


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